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Case Study Project Wolf


Picow have recently completed a new production facility on behalf of Unilever at their Warrington site. Project Wolf comprised of Building, Pneumatics, Electrical Control & Instrumentation installation for a new process plant within an existing multi storey building at site. Prior to the new installation Picow cleared seven floors of all redundant plant, equipment, electrical infrastructure and surplus structures to enable the construction of the new facility.

CLIENT: Unilever
PROJECT: Project Wolf
VALUE: £ 1,500,000
SCOPE: Electrical, Building & Civil Works

Building & Civil Works

We installed a new steel support structure to enable the construction of a metfloor 60 steel decking system to facilitate the installation of a floated concrete floor structure. The floor was completed with polyurethane finish.

The project required penetrations to be installed between the floor levels which was undertaken by a specialist sub-contractor under our supervision. This involved diamond drilling and floor sawing to generate these apertures.

The construction of new partition walling and enclosures was undertaken in accordance with the design specification.

As part of the project the existing façade of the building was renovated with a new cladding being installed by Picow.


The project required electrical and instrumentation integration between new and relocated plant throughout the revised structure.

A new containment system was installed within the new facility to accommodate both power and control cabling to all plant and equipment. Picow ensured all containment was installed in accordance with regulation, ensuring we adhered to the correct cable segregation requirements.

The new containment system carried power cabling to new and existing drives / motors from a new distribution system that was installed. This new distribution utilised aspects of existing equipment with the upgrade of existing MCC’s being undertaken to integrate the new plant.

The project included the installation of a Trace Heating Frost protection system to all pipework and relevant plant.

Project Management

Due to the tight time constraints in place on this project, expert project management skills were employed and close collaborative working relationship with all stakeholders. Daily project meetings were held to ensure that all contractors worked safely within a tough working environment and full co-ordination between trades was achieved. Working in accordance with CDM 2015, the project boasted a zero accident record.

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