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Case Study Water Industry - Design


Having completed many clean and waste water projects over the years, Picow Engineering are well versed in the design requirements and parameters set within the water industry. Specification details stipulated within WIMES in conjunction with our clients scope books, are closely followed and adhered to in every instance. Our design engineers create systems with the future in mind, allowing for spare capacity and scope for change where ever possible.

Client: United Utilities, GCA-JV & Xylem
Project: Clean & Waste Water Electrical Design
Value: Ongoing
Scope: Electrical Design

Design Principles

With the Water Industry being one of the most high risk environments to be involved, our engineers look to eliminate any safety risk where possible by producing designs that compliment safer working pratices for our installation operatives and the end user on-site maintenance team.

Accredited to BSi 14001:2015, Picow look to promote environmentally friendly features through the designs that we create. A variety of energy efficient lighting systems have been designed in accordance with our clients specific requirements, regardless of complexity or size.

All aspects of our designs are in accordance with the latest regulations, with cable calculations being produced to ensure cables are sized correctly in accordance with the requirements of the project. Utilising the latest Amtech Project software to produce these cable calculations it provides accurate results to allow the design to progress.

We have a wealth of knowledge in the design and installation of profibus systems. With this being the number one fieldbus of choice for United Utilities, we have invested heavily in the training of our engineers and operatives to installer and commissioning standard.

Utilizing a single bus cable instead of hard wiring individual signals reduces both design, installation and commissioning costs. This is a system that our design engineers would recommend for any new plant installations.

With a number of our engineers holding CompEx certification, we can design and inspect any potentially hazardous or explosive area electrical system to a variety of classifications.

Designs are completed with a philosophy to reduce or elimate the need for hazardous area equipment by utilizing safe areas for equipment installation where possible.

Over the years our design remit for water industry projects consist of the following:-

• Quality, Inspection & Test Plans
• HV/LV Single Line Diagrams
• Termination Loop Diagrams
• PLC Architecture Layouts (Incorporating Profibus)
• Block Cable Diagrams
• Drive & Interlock Schedules
• Instruments Schedules
• Cables Schedules
• Lux Level Calculations
• Amtech Cable Calculations
• Heating Calculations
• Earthing Calculation, SLD’s and Layouts
• Lightning Protection Layouts and Surveys
• Primary and Secondary Containment Layouts
• General Power, Lighting & Equipment Layouts
• Trace Heating Control Schematics
• Distribution Boards Schedules

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